Sinai Group

Sinai Services Company


• (Sinai Services) (LLC) was established in 2006 , Commercial Registration No. (378978)
• (Sinai Services) is an Egyptian company that has been operating for more than seven years Ten years) in the field of providing public hygiene services For Egyptian public and private buildings and facilities and others Egyptian, Through a team of professional cleaning technicians we've got, Which each of them realizes the importance of a work environment clean, And devote efforts to improve the appearance of the establishments Through our comprehensive, detailed and professional services

Our Services

• Our services are provided on an annual contract, using the latest machinery, equipment and devices, And the best types of detergents recognized and authorized by the competent authorities, And at prices competitive
For all internal units of offices and halls Meeting rooms, study rooms and other interior accessories to the building, As well as external extensions (sub-service buildings)
• Also, landscaping and landscaping services for green spaces surrounding, And also pest control
For all establishments: such as clubs, factories, companies, universities, and schools international, shopping malls, private residential complexes, And also tourist villages